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Social Isolation,

Older Immigrants,


Social Isolation and Loneliness in Older Immigrants during COVID-19: A Scoping Review.

This scoping review addressed two questions: What evidence exists on the experience of social isolation and loneliness in older immigrants? What strategies can be beneficial to keep older immigrants socially connected during the COVID-19 pandemic?

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Planning system

From classrooms to boardrooms: Applying a multi-scale coordinated approach to an anti-racist future for the Canadian planning system

The study explores how practitioners, future planners, and scholars can adopt anti-racist agendas to facilitate system-wide transformation for the Canadian planning profession.



Suburban Retrofit,

Ethnic Retailing

The role of ethnic retailing in retrofitting suburbia: case studies from Toronto, Canada

This paper discusses the development and retrofitting processes of three suburban Chinese shopping malls in the Toronto area and how these malls successfully regenerated areas once affected by business decline and how they can act as a catalyst to develop a new urban form that makes the suburban landscape less uniform and more sustainable.


Ethnic Retailing, Multicultural Planning

Ethnic retailing and implications for planning multicultural communities

The article focuses on the phenomenon of ethnic retailing and demonstrates that city planners play an inactive or a reactive role in the context of ethnic retail area.

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Suburban Planning,

Right to the City

 The Negotiation of Space and Rights: Suburban Planning with Diversity. 

Based on mixed-method ethnographic research, this article investigates how immigrant and racialized communities in the Greater Toronto Area have significantly transformed suburban neighbourhoods and continually negotiate and fight for their use of space.

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Ethnic Entrepreneurship, Place-making,


Ethnic entrepreneurship and placemaking in Toronto's ethnic retail neighbourhoods

Drawing on extensive field research, surveys, and interviews in more than 100 suburban Chinese and South Asian retail clusters, this paper explored the role of ethnic entrepreneurs in suburban placemaking and the opportunities and constraints affecting entrepreneurs’ interaction with other key players.

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Ethnicity, Retail Landscapes, Neighbourhood Change,

Construction and reconstruction of ethnicity in retail landscapes: case studies in the Toronto area

This research explored four ethnic retail neighbourhoods in Toronto and revealed the dynamics of changing ethnic retail landscapes, how ethnicity may be physically manifested, and the complex meanings behind architectural or structural changes.

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Public Space,

Immigrant Suburbs, Pandemic

 What is the Future of Public Space? Hidden Stories of Immigrant Suburbs during a Global Pandemic. 

The study illuminates the 'hidden stories' of minority groups in Toronto's suburbs in order to promote equity-based considerations for the future use of public spaces. 


Ethnic Entrepreneurship, Place,

Neighbourhood Change

The intersection of place and ethnic entrepreneurship: the role of ethnic entrepreneurs in the making of three Toronto neighbourhoods

This paper investigated the social, economic, and physical processes involved in the making of ethnic retail places in the inner city of Toronto and how ethnic entrepreneurs have become the driving forces behind these processes.



Multicultural Planning, Ethnic Retailing

Rethinking Multicultural Planning: an empirical study of ethnic retailing

This study examined four ethnic retail neighbourhoods in the Cities of Toronto and Markham to identify the role of urban planning in responding to the diverse needs of multicultural communities.



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