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Dr. Zhixi C Zhuang

Director and Founder

Dr. Zhixi Zhuang (MCIP, RPP) is a Registered Professional Planner, an Associate Professor at the School of Urban and Regional Planning, Toronto Metropolitan University, and Academic Director of the Toronto Metropolitan Centre for Immigration and Settlement. Her research explores the growing urban diversity in Canadian cities and how city-builders can instil the values of equity and inclusion into planning policies and practices. Specifically, she investigates the intersections of individual characteristics and the impacts on lived experiences in cities, and how diversity and differences shape places and communities. Her work focuses on the long-lasting marks of immigrant and racialized communities on urban and suburban landscapes, inscribing places with important cultural, historical, and political meanings. Her recent and ongoing research involves interdisciplinary projects examining the intersection of immigrant settlement, urban landscapes, and municipal policies, which has generated key peer-reviewed publications on topics such as building welcoming infrastructure to attract and retain migrants in non-traditional gateway cities, the influence of immigrant entrepreneurship on city building, ethnic place-making in ‘third places,’ migration and suburban transformation, and the role of municipal planning in immigrant settlement and integration.

Research Staff


DeBoer, Samantha

Samantha DeBoer is PhD student in Sociology at York University. Her doctoral research explores migration-education journeys, forced migration, immigration policy, and refugee resettlement. She holds an MA in Immigration and Settlement Studies and she is a licensed Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC). She has professional experience in the non-profit sector supporting refugee resettlement and in higher education supporting international students and newcomers.

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Dyck, Julia

Julia is currently pursuing a Master's in Planning student at Toronto Metropolitan University. She has a range of research interests including immigration and refugee settlement in Canada. Through research, she hopes to continue to learn how to foster these relationships into building connected communities that encourage resilience and placemaking.

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El Toukhy, Mo (Mariam)

Mo is an Egyptian-born Photographer and Urban Planner in training with a key interest in community-centric sustainable planning and the power of urban design. Their interests centre around lessons from global indigenous ways of being and building, bridging the gap between the formal and informal in planning, as well as incorporating reflexivity in planning practice and theory.

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Krywulak, Jack

Jack is in his fourth and final year of undergrad at TMU where he is majoring in Urban Planning and minoring in Philosophy. After graduating Jack will be pursuing his graduate degree at Western University in Theory and Criticism. His research interests include equity planning, critical theory, ethnographic research and political philosophy.

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Anu S Kumar

Anu is a graduate of the School of Urban and Regional Planning at Toronto Metropolitan University. She currently works as an Urban Planner at a leading private consulting firm in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario. Anu is driven by a deep-seated passion for fostering diversity, inclusion, and social sustainability within urban environments. She strives to integrate these values in city planning.

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Patel, Parita

Parita is a Master of Information student at the University of Toronto studying User Experience Design (UXD).  She holds a Bachelor of Technology (ICT) from DA-IICT, India. She is passionate about designing digital experiences which are user centered, engaging and accessible.

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Ali, Abdul Sami 

Brodeau, Jessica

Campbell, Cornel

Careri, Sabrina

Casuncad, Niko

Cheng, Nicole (Hei Tung)

Chen, Amanda (Xiaoxuan)

Cheung, Fei Yeung (Ivan)

Choi, Wendy

Davis, Meaghan

Dmuchowska, Natalia

Jheeta, Harleena

Kennedy, Graham

Ladak, Sahara

Lam, Laura

Li, Jacky

Opassinis, Vanessa

Oturkar, Arash

Palacios, Federico

Parsons, Lindsay

Liao, Danielle

Plunkett-Latimer, Abraham

Lima, Isabel

Lok, Ryan

Mather, Lisa Ward

Mathuria, Sunjay

McFall, Carly

Rajalingam, Ramiya

Safonovs, Candace

Shiga, Lauren

Somers, Shaina

Suet Yi, Sonia

Mitchell, Patrice

Nguyen, Michelle

Toth, Lindsay

Zhang, Jackey



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