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The Conference Board of Canada. (May 26, 2022). Immigration Summit: Planning housing for a future of immigration.

OPPI. (May 11, 2022). Cultural Districts and Place-Based Research with Jay Pitter Placemaking.

The Local. (April 28, 2022). The Greatest Mall in the World.


CERC in Migration and Integration. (Feburary 17, 2022). Migration and the City Annual Conference Session 5_ Suburban migration: Interrogating the intersections of global migration and suburban transformation. 

City Building Ryerson. (January 25, 2022). Neighbourhood Planning for a 15 Minute City.


International Metropolis. (May 26, 2021). How architecture and urban plans matter to immigrant and refugee integration.

Department of Architecture, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland. (October 22, 2021). Keynote speaker at Annual Symposium of Architectural Research on Diversity.

City of Calgary. (May 12, 2021). Keynote speaker. Passion for Planning: Diversity and Inclusive Planning.

The Conference Board of Canada. (April 7, 2021). National Immigration Centre. Diver(city): Building Welcoming Cities.


Ryerson University. (October 2021). The Forefront Ideas for cities: The Canadian Dream


Ryerson Today. (September 30, 2021). Park(ing) Day at SURP with Urban Minds


City Building Ryerson. (February 23, 2021). It Takes a Community: Advancing Neighbourhood Businesses.

School of Urban & Regional Planning, Ryerson University. (March 5, 2021). Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee's second annual symposium. Issues of Access Through COVID-19.


Toronto Star. (December 7, 2020). Why reimagining the Rogers Centre space could be Toronto’s chance for bold, ‘radical’ thinking on urban design.

Toronto Star. (October 24, 2020). Active open spaces, homes near work, walkable neighbourhoods — has COVID-19 changed the way the suburbs will look in the future?

The Eyeopener. (October 6, 2020). There’s no place like this place, anyplace: Rye alum’s doc pays tribute to Honest Ed’s.

The Pointer. (September 26, 2020). Brampton wants to design a post-pandemic city; Doug Ford wants a giant highway instead.

Hidden Stories of York Region. (July 1, 2020). EP04: Diversity is Our Strength

Toronto Star. (February 29, 2020). ‘We are fighting a big machine.’ Gentrification is pulling apart Toronto’s communities. How do we prevent it?

Government Experience. (January 9, 2020). Case Study: Toronto's Plan for Diversity, Inclusion and Urban Resilience.

Globe and Mail. (January 5, 2020). Entrepreneurship group offers a boost to newcomers from China launching businesses in Canada.

University of Waterloo. (November 27, 2020). UWAGP Speaker Series. The negotiation of space and rights: Everyday multiculturalism and planning with diversity. 


University of Toronto. (February 25, 2020). Association of Geography Alumni Speaker Event. Sidewalk Labs and the Public: Toronto’s Tech Utopia?


880 Cities. (June, 2019). 8 Questions with Dr. Zhixi Zhuang

PLACE 19. (October 20, 2019). Social Innovation.

University of Toronto. (April 15, 2019). Gender, Diversity and Public Policy Initiative at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy. EDI in City Planning Practices. 

CBC Radio Here and Now Toronto. (December 4, 2018). A team from Ryerson University wants to make a strip of Yonge Street pedestrian-only.

Urban Toronto. (December 3, 2018). Ryerson Makes the Case for a Downtown Yonge Street Revival.

City Building Ryerson. (November 2018). Can Ryerson Benefit from a Better Yonge Street?


City Building Ryerson. (November 30, 2018). On Universities and Public Realm Improvement Projects.

Toronto Star. (August 21, 2018). Toronto is more diverse than ever, but downtown is falling behind.


City Building Institute. (August 16, 2018). Walking Ryerson’s Urban Environment.

Cities of Migration. (June 28, 2018). Planning for Urban Resilience and Inclusive Cities: Lessons from Toronto.

Innovation. OVPRI. Ryerson University. (Spring 2018). Promoting ethnic businesses and entrepreneurship can help newcomers integrate.

City Building Institute. (May 17, 2018). Walking & Talking the Future of Downtown Yonge.

The Eyeopener. (March 27, 2018). A Ryerson-led app rates diversity and inclusivity in Toronto.


City Building Institute. (March 27, 2018). Jane’s Walk-Forever Yonge.

University of Waterloo. (May 3, 2018). Pragma Council conference. Multicultural Planning in Immigrant Suburbs: Are Municipalities Ready?


WC2 University Network. (August 14, 2018). Walking Ryerson's Urban Environment. 


City Building Institute. (May 4, 2018). Jane's Walk - Forever Yonge: Transforming the Public Realm, Campus & Neighbourhood. 

NOVÆ RES URBIS Toronto. (March 16, 2018). Street Smarts: Public Spaces Project to Feature Student Designs.


Open City Projects. (February 2018). Design For Diversity Toolkit in the Classroom.


International Metropolis. (September 21, 2017). Plenary speaker on Building Inclusive Communities: Local Integration Policies. The Hague, The Netherlands.


University of Toronto. (March 24, 2017). Japan-Canada Kakehashi Exchange Program. Place-making in Immigrant Suburbs: The Case of Toronto. 


City of Brampton. (October 17, 2017). Mayor’s Speaker Series. Brave New Suburbia.


Diverse City Building conference. (December 3, 2017). Suburban Planning and Diversity.


FCS Imprints Magazine. (2017). Planning for inclusiveness: Graduate students take in-depth look at immigrant settlement patterns.

Urbanspace Gallery. (September 9, 2016). After Utopia. Suburban Ethnic Place-making.


University of Waterloo & Ryerson University Planning Student Conference. (January 30, 2016). Place-making Practices in Suburban Ethnic Retail Neighbourhoods.


University of Waterloo. (October 13, 2016). School of Planning Speakers Series. Creating Third Places: Ethnic Retailing and Place-making in Metropolitan Toronto.



Ryerson Centre for Immigration and Settlement. (March 23, 2015). Ethnic Retail Neighbourhoods: Place-Making and Branding.

FCS Imprints Magazine. (2015). Building Inclusive Cities by Improving the Lives of Canadian Newcomers.

The Ethnic Aisle. (June 6, 2015). Chinatown Here, There and Everywhere.

Spacing. (Fall 2013). Ethnic groceries go mainstream. 


Spacing. (Winter 2011). Expo 2010 reflections.


Spacing. (Fall 2011). Strip mining suburbia.


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