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Cape Breton,NS






Originally from India, Aishwarya came to Canada in 2012 as an international student. Aishwarya first arrived in Truro, Nova Scotia, but later in 2016 moved for a job opportunity to Sydney, a small city on Cape Breton island and has since lived there.

Volunteering … is one of the most satisfying experiences for me… As an immigrant it makes me feel valued and accepted in the community.


Gooseberry cove trail, a spot that we go to for watching the sunset. This place is quiet, has breathtaking views and there's little traffic on the way.

I took this image on Greenlink Rotary Trail during the initial period of the pandemic, when there was no in-person contact with anyone else. While taking a walk at this trail I came across this rock with “HOPE” painted on it, which made me feel warm and connected to the community.

This image was taken at the Louisbourg lighthouse trail. It is one of my favorite and “go to” trails to hike. No matter what the weather it is always beautiful and appears new every time. The best coastal trail that I have ever seen. This is one of the two spots we go to watch sunset.

Volunteering for the New Dawn Meals on Wheels is one of the most satisfying experiences for me. Meeting some of the seniors and interacting with them is highly rewarding. As an immigrant it makes me feel valued and accepted in the community.

This was at the Walmart international section. I always check out the international section at the grocery store. The availability of and access to diverse products from my ethnicity certainly make us (immigrants) feel welcome and contribute towards building an inclusive community.

This image was taken at the Sydney waterfront. This is one of the two places where there are lights for walking at night and makes it a safe space. We always spot a grey heron in a couple of spots along the board walk and it’s a familiar visitor. We always look for him/her when we go to waterfront and its presence is reassuring and welcoming.

Petersfield park. We always go to this park right after delivering for meals on wheels as it is close to the last delivery location. This tree covered trail is a beautiful place to walk especially in fall where the place looks surreal.

This was at a volunteer appreciation event organized by New Dawn, a local community development corporation where I volunteer. Meeting other volunteers and understanding their perspective, experience and motivation to volunteer is very helpful and insightful. Photo taken by Kathleen Whelan at New Dawn.

This walking path is another place in Sydney that has street lights making it accessible during nights and when the day light is limited. It is all the more special because of the history associated with remediation efforts to make it a space useful for the community.

This trail is a hidden Gem. What makes me connect to this place is the fact that it is maintained by the local community group, enabling the community to enjoy the wilderness trail.

Pollet’s cove, a difficult hike located in the Cape Breton Highlands. As a hiking enthusiast it was a great experience to finish the hike (to and fro) in a day. This was again maintained by volunteers, which was a surprise!

Sydney Coastline

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